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Vionic Shoes Philippines What Are Orthopedic Shoes

Are you wondering what do orthopedic shoes do and looking for answers that will help you decide if they could be beneficial for you? We’re here to help! While we know that orthopedic shoes may seem like they are just for individuals suffering from foot issues, orthopedic shoes are really much more than that. The misconceptions surrounding orthopedic shoes have kept many people from gaining the numerous health benefits that supportive shoes offer and we’re committed to helping clear up the confusion so that you can start reaping the many positive benefits of wearing orthopedic shoes. We know it can be tough to find trusted information outside of the foot health industry and to know what information is true and what is misleading, which is why we’ve done the research for you. We want to remove the guesswork from the process and connect you directly to the relevant information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not supportive shoes could be beneficial for you. We’ll answer the most relevant questions you may have like, “What are orthopedic shoes?” and introduce you to the features that set orthopedic shoes apart from the unsupportive shoes you’re more familiar with. You deserve to look and feel great in your shoes and orthopedic shoes can help you do just that!

Not only do we want to educate you on what orthopedic shoes are and their health benefits, we have a earned a place in the industry as a trusted resource that has dedicated foot doctors, shoe stylists, and research teams to make sure that you can have optimal support in all of the fashion-forward shoe styles you love. Along the way, we’ll educate you on what orthopedic shoes are, the supportive features orthopedic shoes have (that many shoes lack), the health benefits of wearing orthopedic shoes, and a few of our favorite styles of our most comfortable orthopedic shoes for men and women.

Orthopedic Shoes, Made Simple! Everything You Need to Know

What comes to mind when you think of orthopedic shoes? We know that it may not be cutting-edge biomechanics technology and fashion-forward styles, but those are both integral elements of modern orthopedic footwear. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions surrounding orthopedic shoes and what exactly they are. We’re here to help make sure you understand what orthopedic shoes are so that you have the knowledge you need to decide whether or not orthopedic shoes could be a useful addition to your routine.

To dive into what orthopedic shoes are, we want to take a moment to step back and introduce you to the origins of the word ‘orthopedic,’ which is directly connected to its meaning. ‘Orthopedic’ roughly translates to ‘correct feet’ and has a Greek root. The most simple answer to what orthopedic shoes are is clear in this meaning, orthopedic shoes are designed to help correct your feet. Our feet are inherently incredibly complex and fascinating, but just like us, they are rarely perfect. Depending on the structure of your foot, you will be susceptible to developing certain foot issues over time if your foot isn’t given the proper support. That’s where orthopedic shoes come in to help you. Orthopedic shoes are shoes that are designed specifically to help support the mechanics and structure of the feet, ankles, and legs. Now that you know the basics on what orthopedic shoes are, we want to walk you through the supportive features that we incorporate into every pair of Vionic orthopedic shoes that will keep your feet supported and functioning at their best with every step.

Supportive Features You’ll Love

If you’re looking for unparalleled support and comfort, orthopedic shoes are for you! They have all of the supportive infrastructures your feet need built-in so that your feet can stay comfortable whether you’re running around getting errands done, out with friends for a night on the town, standing all day at work, or anything in between. So how do orthopedic shoes pull that off? Supportive shoes can make a significant difference in your overall health and comfort because of the supportive features that comprise their unique infrastructure. At Vionic, we’ve harnessed over thirty years of research and development to create out vio-motion support. We’ll walk you through our roots and the supportive features we incorporate into every pair of our orthopedic shoes to keep you comfortable all day (or night) long.

Our mission to bring you supportive and stylish orthopedic men’s and womens shoes can be traced back to the world of renowned podiatrist Phillip Vasyli, whose genuine passion for making orthotic treatment accessible and affordable for people that need comfort and pain relief laid the groundwork. During the course of his career, he treated thousands of patients of all age ranges and found that the only treatment for many common foot-related problems were both time-consuming and expensive. There was a demand for a solution to help people get comfort and relief from cumbersome foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis and heel pain, so Phillip Vasyli created one of the first heat-moldable orthotics that allows his patients to start feeling better quickly. This laid the groundwork for our award-winning Orthaheel orthotic found in our shoes—including orthotic sandals—which is the world’s first and only true orthotic available without a doctors’ prescription.

In every pair of Vionic shoes, our biomechanical technology and vio motion support are concealed under your foot to hug your arches like a natural footprint and foster your natural alignment from the ground up. Below are the supportive features that make our orthopedic shoes capable of improving your overall health and giving you the pain relief and comfort you deserve.

  • A contoured, biomechanical footbed that will give you addictive support and promote your natural alignment from the ground up
  • Ball-of-foot cushioning that will give you all-day comfort no matter how long you are on your feet
  • Full-contact arch support that will hug the natural curves of your feet and help to evenly distribute pressure across your feet with each stride
  • A heel seat that will help position and stabilize your feet to help prevent over-pronation or supination as you move
  • A deep heel cup that will foster stability with every step you take
  • A protective interior that will help to keep your feet safe from any potential pressure points and provide a soft, comfortable interior
  • A variety of widths that will allow you to find the fit that is right for your feet so you never have to worry about your feet being too cramped
  • A firm yet flexible midsole that will optimize your balance and keep you enjoying all of the adventures you love

The supportive features embedded in our orthopedic shoes make sure your feet have an optimal environment to be in while you’re wearing them. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) is the leading resource for foot health information and has awarded many of our supportive shoes the APMA Seal of Acceptance, which certified that they are beneficial in helping to promote foot health and ability to promote proper support. Now that you know all of the supportive features that make our orthopedic shoes unique, we want to walk you through some of the health benefits of wearing orthopedic shoes.

Shoes That Improve Your Health? Yes, Please!

When you think about ways to improve your health, what comes to mind is likely along the lines of exercising more or eating healthier, but did you know that making the switch to supportive footwear is an easy way to start improving your health? Your feet take you everywhere you want to go and are a vital part of your body, which is why it’s important to make sure they have all of the support they need to function at their best. Wearing orthopedic shoes comes with a number of benefits that help improve your overall health and make you comfortable with every step, no matter where you’re going! We’ll walk you through a few of the top benefits so that you know everything you stand to gain from making the switch to supportive footwear.

Orthopedic shoes are beneficial for everyone, especially for those of us suffering from foot problems. So many of us live with foot pain and discomfort that limit our ability to get out and do the activities we love and we are looking for comfort and relief as soon as possible. Orthopedic shoes can help to reduce foot pain by providing all of the essential, structural elements of your feet with the support they need to function at their best without strain. In addition to helping decrease foot pain, orthopedic shoes can also help to provide you with unparalleled comfort. The fashion industry can turn a blind eye to support, which is why you may love the way your shoes look on only to find yourself uncomfortable and in pain after wearing them for an extended period of time. Orthopedic shoes provide your feet with supportive features and cushioning to help absorb the shock of your movements, which can keep you out moving and doing more of the activities you love.

Speaking of moving, depending on the structure of your feet, you may be more prone to foot problems because of your arch height. For individuals with low arches, your feet are more prone to roll inwards, while those with high arches are more susceptible to rolling outwards. Orthopedic shoes help correct foot problems by having a deep heel cup and heal seat to stabilize your foot and keep it balanced. If you are suffering from an existing foot problem, orthopedic shoes can also help to alleviate the discomfort and pain of foot conditions by giving them an optimal environment to function in. In addition to these health benefits, orthopedic shoes can also help encourage blood flow by giving your feet room to move and keeping them properly aligned with your body. This can be especially beneficial for individuals suffering from medical conditions that impair their circulation to their lower extremities, such as diabetes. If you have a medical condition or foot problem that is hindering your ability to get out and do what you love, orthopedic shoes can help increase your mobility by giving your feet a comfortable, supportive environment and reducing your foot pain and discomfort. Orthopedic shoes can even help to reduce your back, knee, and joint pain by keeping your body properly aligned and the essential elements of your feet properly supported. When it comes to wearing orthopedic shoes, you can gain many different benefits that will help improve your overall health and keep you feeling comfortable and supported all day long.

Are you ready to go start searching for your perfect pair so you can start receiving all of these incredible health benefits (and more), but are worried that you won’t be able to find orthopedic shoes in the styles you love? We know it can feel like the foot health industry has turned a blind eye to fashion, but we are dedicated to changing this dynamic so that you never have to choose between style and support again; you can have both!

Styles For Every Occasion: Support Without Sacrificing Fashion

If you think that orthopedic shoes are limited to unattractive styles that lack fashion sense, you haven’t seen all of the different styles of supportive shoes we offer! We’ve made it our mission to make sure that you can have the support you need in all of the latest fashion-forward styles. Looking for heels for your best friend’s wedding? We have you covered! Wanting a pair of rugged yet classy boots that you can wear out on an adventure or in for a day at the office? We have the perfect pair of shoes for you. In search of a reliable pair of flats to wear everywhere? We have many styles to choose from so you can find a pair you love. We have orthopedic shoes in styles for every occasion so that you can gain all of the benefits of supportive footwear in every facet of your life. Whether you need comfortable slippers for lounging at home, shoes for walking your dog around the neighborhood, or dress shoes for a special occasion, we have stylish orthopedic shoes that will be a perfect match for you. We’ve combined pioneering biomechanics technology, high-quality materials, and fashion-forward style to deliver beautifully made orthopedic shoes that will boost your health and enhance your style!

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